Thursday, February 17, 2011

Students from polytechnic in Blantyre are protesting over stationery allowances

Malawi Police
Rhodes Msonkho
Capital fm’s Rhodes Msonkho was at the polytechnic and filed this report;

 It was a chaotic scene.

The sound of gun fire was in the air.

The air itself was filled with teargas that brought tears to the eyes.
It felt like a longtime of violence yet it lasted less than five minutes as the police charged into crowds of students at the polytechnic in Blantyre, a constituent college of the University of Malawi to put down the unrest.
After few minutes, the demonstration was over.  But the effects of the teargas were being felt as far as Queen Elizabeth central hospital a kilometer away.

Poly Students running

Also affected by the stinging and stinking gas were shoppers at the nearby Northgate shopping mall. Like me most people affected looked for water to wash out our stinging ayes and painful throats.

There were no injuries but the police have confirmed  the arrest of 13 students in connection to the riot.

southern region police publicist Davie Chingwalu told Capital fm the students will appear in court soon.

For now, the situation at the polytechnic remains calm.

But it was not known what new course of action would be taken by the students or the polytechnic authorities.

Meanwhile, the police have fired teargas to disperse the protesting students.
It is said the teargas has spread to Queen Elizabeth Central hospital where patients are allegedly affected.

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