Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Law makers set to start debate on the pension bill this afternoon

Parliamentarians are this morning expected to start debating on the pension bill after it was presented in the house on Tuesday.
Chairperson of the finance and budget parliamentary committee, Ralph Juma presented the bill which proposes that civil servants should retire within the age range of 50 to 65 years.
However, officials of the Malawi Congress of Trade union-MCTU want the employees to receive their money at the age of 45.

Quoting  the  national  statistics  office 2008  population  census, unionists  argue  that the country’s life  expectancy is  low therefore more employees will  not enjoy  their  retirement  benefits.
The union further proposes that employees should receive their retirement money after they have worked for 15 years in a company even before reaching the retirement age.

Many civil servants are supporting the MCTU stand, adding experience has also shown that it takes a long time for beneficiaries to receive their retirement package.

During deliberations yesterday, Leader of the house George Chaponda moved a motion for an early adjournment in order to give ample time for law makers to scrutinise the bill.

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