Friday, April 1, 2011

Polytechnic students leave the campus for their homes

Polytechnic students leave the campus for their homes after the closure of the college

Scores of students from the Polytechnic are currently seen lined up along the Chipembere High Way carrying suitcases and bags trying to catch minibuses on their way to their respective homes.

This comes after the indefinite closure of the College by the authorities following the continued stand –off on academic freedom.

Reports show that the situation is the same at Chancellor College in Zomba


Education activist has demanded an unconditional reinstatement of the dismissed Chancellor College lecturers and promote contact and dialogue to resolve the stand-off.

Executive Director of the Coalition for Quality and Basic Education-CSQBE, Benedicto Kondowe, told capital fm that the move taken by the University council in enforcing dismissals is worsening the situation.

Kondowe said this during a press briefing in Blantyre organised to voice out their concerns on the on-going stand-off between the University lecturers and police Chief Peter Mukhitho.


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